Meet Our Newest Members! 

David & Melissa

I grew up in New Jersey in a car family.  There was always a car in the driveway with the hood up and a few folks crowded around talking. 

My dad did (on the right) some racing in his day till he went over the wall in a fire ball and survived.   Figured he used up all of his luck.

At home, there was nothing wrong with a primer grey car that smoked a lot, was still a work in progress.  I remember my brother helping me on my math by using cubic inches (350, 427, 454).  If you don’t understand, I can’t explain it.  Smells, like garages and burnt oil bring back good memories.

My first car was a 1958 MGA. 

Terrible car for a 15-year-old for safety reasons, but no one else had anything like it in high school. 

Spending 6 months taking it completely apart and reassembly kept me out of trouble during that time.  I soon moved on to a few mustangs. 

My 81 Vette, which I purchased in 9/2006, is the first one I’ve owned. 

My good friend had purchased it new and had it parked in his garage for almost 10 years.  When he said he wanted to sell it, I jumped at the opportunity.   Little more than a year later he suddenly passed, so it means a lot to me on many levels. 

I live in Thousand Oaks with my wife Melissa and our daughter, son and Ava, our German Shepherd.