President's Message



A rather poor turnout for our rainy-day March meeting and event. We needed the rain, just not on a meeting day!

Many thanks to Spencer & Ron for setting up this month's event to the Gene Autry Museum.  New additions made this extra special.  More old guns, some I didn't even know existed! Our tour guide was a walking encyclopedia and a very interesting retired orthopedic surgeon. He stayed late just for us and Spencer.  Plus, there was an art exhibit which was probably more interesting for the girls?

The day was topped off with some pretty good Mexican food at Acapulco's in Glendale. We had extra fun celebrating Gina and Paul's birthdays. Thank you, Gina, for setting up dinner.

April's event will be a tea for the girls hosted by Colleen Shaffer. Clyde will take us guys to the Route 66 diner in Canyon Country for a late lunch and then back to pick up the girls and some dessert. Thank you, Colleen & Clyde, for hosting this fun event once again. 

I look forward to seeing many of you on April 7th for an early meeting, 11:00 at the Junk Yard Cafe' in Simi Valley.  Check Gina's emails/our website for updates. And please remember to bring raffle prizes for Spencer's raffle.

Also planning for a Happy Hour on April 19th while the Stanton’s are in town. Place TBA...

Your President,


Jerry Miller 


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