President's Message



August flew by and here we are getting all set for September's event.


Last month's meeting generated a pretty good turnout thanks to Spencer's Gimmick Rally to Pepperdine. This was a fun event and perfect weather. Thank you Spencer & Alyse!   And Congratulations to the newlyweds! They are honeymooning in Hawaii and therefore absent today. 


I hope everyone had a fun month with all our August activities...

Some of us had a great trip to Monterey for a fun filled, five day, automotive week filled with auctions, racing and the Concourse... Some members set a club record for getting speeding tickets. I won't mention the 3 names...!


The very next week end was the Solvang Car show which provided lots of fun and food with friends. Many thanks to Ron & Sharon, Jim & Gina and Barb Tuers for arriving early and sharing their patios, along with food & drinks for Happy Hours.

And thank you Ron for setting up one our favorite events once again.


And then Thursday September the 7th we had a get together-Happy Hour at Yolanda's in Simi. Another good time with food, friends and drinks.


Day in the Park Meeting-White Elephant Sale is tomorrow, September 9th. Hopefully you will all bring lots of good stuff for Ron to auction off. 


I look forward to seeing many of you at the park, 12 noon.

Your President,


Jerry Miller 


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