President's Message


President's Message ~ November 2018

First off I would like to thank the LA and Ventura County firefighters for saving as many homes as they did. A few of our members had to evacuate but none lost any properties that I'm aware.  I was also very happy to learn that none our members were at the Borderline Bar & Grill last Wednesday night. On previous Wednesdays  some our ladies were there for Line dancing.  The Thousand Oaks area was hit exceptionally hard, first from the terrible shooting leaving twelve dead and then the horrific fires.


November's meeting had another good turnout thanks in part to Alyse & Spencer's event. The party bus tour of famous people's homes started with a surprise visit to Ron & Sharon's. Then on to Paramount Ranch which was destroyed by fire shorty after we were there. After driving by several celebrity homes we made another surprise visit to the Martin's in Pacific Palisades. Unfortunately they were not home but we made good use of the stop anyway, thanks to their kind neighbors lending their restrooms. 


Then it was back to Simi where we topped off the day with dinner at El Patio Cantina, a Mexican restaurant in Simi Valley.  Many thanks to Spencer & Alyse for setting up another fun event. Unfortunately it wasn't so fun for two of our members who were left behind in route to dinner.  We all need work harder to make sure this never happens again. It's totally unacceptable for us to leave anyone behind! 


We had the pleasant surprise of having Martin Smith attend this meeting. He told us about the sad experience of his beloved Buick Riviera being stolen. Also Frank Ceruti joined us again with updates the Edwards AFB event and tour coming up on Nov 30th. I hope all that are planning to attend have sent in their application for back ground checks needed to get on base. Tomorrow is the deadline so don't delay! It was determined that we'd need to leave the rendezvous place, Coco's on Sepulveda Blvd by 7:30 am, if you want breakfast arrive earlier.  Be gassed up and ready for take-off by 7:30. A few of us will be leaving for Edwards on Thursday pm so we'll need a volunteer to take point on getting the main body out to the base.


Our December meeting will be on the first, 12 noon @ the Junkyard Café. The event for the guys will be the annual Tune-in at Mark Singer's West Valley Service Center. If you need an oil change/service on your Corvette this is the time to get er done! The girls will be doing ceramic painting while sipping wine and having snacks.  Then it's on to Alyse and Spencer's home for the pizza party. If you have not signed up do so soon, this is a great event to top off the day.


The final event to top off the year is our Christmas party at the Air Tel Plaza at the Van Nuys airport. This is the icing on the cake! Not to be missed! Great food, live band and great friends!  If you have not signed up please get your checks in to Loretta ASAP. It's still just $50.00...and a real bargain!


I'm looking forward to seeing many of you at Edwards's AFB on Friday November 30th.


Your President,

Jerry Miller


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